In the papers…1978 style

Sorry have been on a bit of a blog holiday as one of my best friends from Canada flew over Thursday night to surprise me for my 30th. The hubby also arranged for me to have Friday off of work so we went to Westfield to shop (what else are girls to do on a day off). Anyhoo I have had a fab weekend and am enjoying my last day in my twenties.

Not surprisingly my very organised Mom had the paper from the day I was born so sent it to me to have a look at. It was a bit of a slow news day but there were some interesting bits…like the exchange rates, not sure we will see a $2.34 to £1 again for a while.

1978 exchange rate

Anyone for a record player…doesn’t $700 sound expensive?…it was 30 years ago.  Kids, records were like DVD’s but with grooves in them that when you spun it music played…neat eh!

Home entertainment 1978 style

Check out this rather odd ad…at the top hockey skates for sale and at the bottom a gun clearance.  Nothing says Christmas like a semi automatic…I didn’t think you could buy guns in Canada…we have to buy them off our American neighbours and sneak them across the border.

Hockey skates and guns

Want to party like it’s 1979?  Randy’s Chalet Cabaret is just the place…

new years at randys

Happy Sunday…

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