Secret Santa ideas

Well, it seems the season of office parties (if it hasnt’ been cancelled by the credit crunch) and the ever-dreaded office gift exchange.  I have to say though, that office Christmas parties here are pretty wild..the stories I have heard come out of a few of them are shocking!  The first office party I attended here was great, there were actual drinking games, it was like being back in University….It was a far cry from the office party that I went to once in Canada that ended at 10 and had a Shaina Twain impersonator (that could have been why it ended early).

Anyhoo the thing that I find most stressful is the present purchase…I always end up getting the quiet ones I know nothing about and end up having to find a £5 gift.

I was racking my brain and haven’t come up with anything yet but figured I would regale you with some of my favourite secret Santa gifts.

Inflatable boxing gloves – nothing better than grown adults beating each other up with giant glovesBoxing gloves

A Swear Box (this may or may not be a shot of my desk as I may or may not have received it as a gift last year)


And my favourite…

Tattoo Sleeves!  They were a big hit at the marginally swanky bar we went to for my birthday last year (and by big hit I mean the bouncers kept a pretty close eye on our group).



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