Less tax, more fries

So, a few weeks ago I mentioned that the government were proposing a cut in the VAT and I thought it wouldn’t happen.  It was mainly due to how much of a pain I figured it would be as VAT is included in prices vs added in at the tills.

Well, they did it and cut a whopping 2.5% off to bring the VAT down  to 15%.  This has has meant that stores and restaurants have had to reprint menus, price tickets etc to reflect the (whopping) difference. I can see it being annoying for  retailers as per the sign here in McDonald’s telling customers to bear with them as they have to change their menu boards to reflect the new 2% reduction.


To put the reduction into perspective, I bought something at Marks & Spencer last week for the ticket price of £5 and it actually came out at £4.98…oooh talk about a boost to the economy!  Seems like more of a nuisance than huge savings…unless you are buying a Lear jet or an island then the 2% might seem like more.

On another note…yes, I did go to McDonald’s today and no it wasn’t just to take a picture of their sign but because it would probably be the last time I would eat at McDonald’s in my 20’s!  Anyway I noticed out of the corner of my eye their fancy french fry basket fill-er up-er.

When I worked there we had to open a big plastic bag of frozen fries then shake them ‘evenly’ into the baskets. This process apparently can now be done by a fancy machine that measures out the right amount of fries for each basked.  The empty baskets are sent down a chute and once they get under the the machine dumps a pre allocated amount of fries in the basket.  The basket then slides down to the bottom row ready to be removed and stuck in the fryer….okay this thing maybe not totally necessary as the whole process didnt’ take that long in human hours but it looks fancy so I like it.


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