Happy Birthday Dad!

I meant to post this earlier but today is my Dad’s 60th birthday…also turning 60 this year are Ozzy Osborne and Prince Charles….unfortunately though I think the only thing my dad shares in common with those two is his age as his past doesn’t include biting the heads of of birds (unless that is a story I haven’t heard yet) and is Mom isn’t the Queen (although they do share a similar hairdo).

I tried to use the wayback machine website to see what the internet might have looked like in 1948 but apparently it wasn’t invented then..nor were coour televisions, blackberries or the wheel (might have made the last one up)….I can’t imagine what his childhood must have been like.

Anyway Happy Birthday Dad…celebratory drinks will be on me when we are home as long as you promise to share some of your senior discounts 🙂

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One Response to Happy Birthday Dad!

  1. Mom says:

    Thanks for the Birthday Wishes, auspicious company ( Ossie and the Prince), it is true we had no internet, blackberries were tasty on cereal, TV was the new kid on the block. I am now twice your age but can’t get around the fact that although the computer and internet have both come into existence in “my time”, how come you are so advanced in the technology whereas I “shudder” at any tiny “bleep” on the screen.
    Looking forward to drinks at Xmas,


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