For the hard to buy for types

With Christmas fast approaching it seemed appropriate to post about a few gadgets that were sent to me recently (thanks Kimberly) that might be appropriate for a few of your friends.

For your single friends….

half man hug

Fake half man in a shirt. Yes, because there is nothing like cuddling up to your significant other in bed when he is still all dressed in his work clothes (in actual fact if this was a real man in his work shirt chances are her head would be nuzzled into an armpit stain…I’m just sayin’).

For those with kids…

boy mop

The baby mop!! I love this one as I am an advocate for using kids wherever possible – chimney sweeps, attic cleaners. I hadn’t actually thought of the mop thing….now, all I need is the bucket to dip this guy in and we are all set.

Two options for your commuter friends…


The standing headrest…unless you have narcolepsy you really shouldn’t be encouraged to sleep standing up should you?

suction head

Riiight…for those lucky enough to get a seat on the tube can use the suction helmet.  Wonder what that sign on her helmet says…”It’s not funny to throw things at me”, “Wake me up anywhere but Brixton (I saw that on a button once hahah)”, “You are only laughing at me because you are jealous”.   Regardless I love the blatant disregard to public opinion.

For that special Londoner


Yes, the full body brolly, cause nothing is more embarrassing than showing up to an important business meeting all wet…oh wait yes there is, walking around London dressed in an umbrella.

For your food lovers

butter stick

Not since primary school have you had so much fun with a glue stick like aparatus. Think of how easy it would be to butter corn on the cob! Personally I love butter and might be inclined to use it as a lipstick…..mmm

See, wasn’t that helpful?!

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One Response to For the hard to buy for types

  1. Kiz says:

    All these amazing things come from a genuine company called *Shindogu* which makes nothing but useless invention 😀

    Check out my blog, i have a feeling ul like the Barry Normal Pickled onions…

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