Where are U (and o, h, l)?

Most of the time when you start a new job in an office you are given a computer that someone else has worked on…complete with the doodled on mouse pad and crumbs in the keyboards. Lucky for me, that wasn’t the case as when I started at this job I was only the 4th employee so there was no old computer to take over and I was able to get a new laptop, keyboard and mouse which was nice…however when I look at my keyboard a mere year and 4 months later I can really only blame myself for the state it is in….

What's missing?


The 'E' actually looks like the plastic is wearing off

Where did my H, I, O, L and . go? Luckily I can touch type so don’t need the helpful key reminders but I didn’t think that my delicate fingers could do enough damage to work the paint off…on some keys like ‘E’ it looks like I am actually wearing away at the plastic.

I am thinking for fun I might try to switch keyboards with one of my colleagues and see how they get on….they should be able to type without looking shouldn’t they?

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2 Responses to Where are U (and o, h, l)?

  1. Amanda says:

    Hmm A.. from what I remember you pound on those keys pretty hard, and with your nails.. i can see how its wearing away! lol.. I remember you being a loud typer.. or maybe it was just your keyboard in uni! lol

  2. Aunty Lorraine says:

    I don’t know why the keys look like they do, but you have answered a puzzling question for me! I know this sounds stupid, but I always wondered why my family could may the pound and euro sign and I couldn’t! You have a different number 3!!!! You can teach an old aunty new tricks!

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