Can you plait my hair?

You want me to do what with your hair?


This was one of the newest words I added to my ever expanding vocabulary. Apparently to plait is to braid. It is pronounced platt (rhymes with flat) versus plate like I was assuming. Nothing like a move across the ocean to make you feel like your 17 years of schooling was for not!

Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans…..I noticed that Selfridges in London had Libby’s canned pumpkin on sale yesterday…2 tins for £5 wow they are practically giving them away at $5 USD per can. I googled it and apparently Walgreens has it on sale for .99 cents. If I had only known then I would have shipped a bunch over and set up a stall outside of Selfridges selling it for 2 cans for £4…I could have been rich….maybe next year.

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One Response to Can you plait my hair?

  1. Kirstin says:

    I guess you also know (having attained this since being in England) about the fringe vs. bangs? My mother is British and thus I began jr kindergarten talking about my fringe and my plaits only to be pointed at, laughed at and ridiculed… Thank you for bringing up such a painful memory *sniff*

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