WTF? Friday


PUHLEESE tell me this is a joke. Only I don’t think it is a joke because it has been featured on some fairly reputable shows including Anderson Cooper, Graham Norton and the Tonight show. They apparently even sold out last year at Christmas….hopefully because they only got one wig made because they didn’t think anyone other than Paris Hilton would be stupid enough to dress their cat up in a wig and think they will like it…


Yeah look at Shaft sitting there, he looks like he loves that wig. And if he wasn’t sedated and stapled to that white furry mat he would scratch your eyes out for putting a blonde mop on his head that clearly won’t stay on his if he moves a millimetre, on yeah and he can’t hear you cause it’s covering his ears…but doesn’t he look so cute? NO he looks like a cat with a mop on his head.

Just because creatures are smaller than us doesn’t mean we should dress them up and humiliate them…oh except if the small creatures are babies cause then it’s funny. The turkey baby is in honour of American Thanksgiving next week and the lobster is just cause it was so damn clever.



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