If you are looking for me, I’ll be at the mall

So for a while I have been hearing about this big shopping centre (mall) opening up in London.  It is apparently the largest mall in Europe and was going to have something like 200 stores in it.  Seeing that London isn’t big on malls like North America I took this information with a grain of salt figuring it would be a few stores with a roof over them.  I also took the ‘in London’ bit to mean that it was somewhere on the outskirts of the city at the end of one of the tube lines, as surely this shopping establishment couldn’t be anywhere close to where I bumble around.


Anyway, after seeing ads everywhere for the opening I finally gave in and decided to check where this huge masterpiece of a mall would be…to my surprise it was 3 tube stops away from my work. Still being the devil’s advocate that I am, I figured it must be a half hour walk from the tube or something and that all the stores would be crappy….that was until the boss and I happened to pass it our way to a meeting on Friday and I got a glimpse of the massive Waitrose, House of Fraser and 2 story H&M…it was huge, bigger and newer than any other mall I had ever seen.


Not surprisingly I got home from work and gently suggested to the hubby that we check out this ‘mall’ thing to see if it is as nice as people say it is. So, Saturday afternoon we hopped on the tube and within 40 minutes (and a less than 2 minute walk from the tube station vs. the 30 min trek I was anticipating) I was in heaven.  This mall is the largest and most spectacular mall I have ever been in…the aisles are long and wide the stores are bright and airy and there are big huge windows everywhere making it nice and light.


More westfield

There are two proper floors of shopping a bottom and a top (duh) but it seems all the stores on the top floor are two stories high (2 floor topshop eeek!).  We probably only made it through ½ of the mall before the hubby started to fade but I have seen enough to have my internal mall GPS set up and think that I could confidentially do some damage next time I am through there (without hubby). 


Two storey topshop

Two storey topshop

One of my favourite parts was the food court…no plastic chairs to perch on to eat your crappy A&W or Burger King after which you have to try and jam your rubbish in overflowing bins…this place had comfy seats and each restaurant served your food on real plates with nice cutlery (that I pondered stealing)!!  No idea why they would bother but it felt nice and posh.  Also, your choices for food were a lovely Lebanese place where we got chicken wraps and humus but we could have eaten Thai, Mexican, Italian, Indian, a salad bar/wrap place etc etc.


Anyway I am already excited to head back there to do some Christmas shopping and can’t wait until one of my Canadian shopping buddies visits (cough Jenn) as I can assure you I will be advising them to head straight from the airport to‘the mall’ to meet me….what’s that hubby?…what did you say? fredit frunch?  couldn’t hear you with your pita’s and hummus in your mouth…shame.

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One Response to If you are looking for me, I’ll be at the mall

  1. Amanda says:

    The first picture kind of looks space ship-y.

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