WTF? Friday

I admit I am always the first person putting my coat on when someone in the office (or anywhere for that matter) suggests we go grab greasy fast food.  I do enjoy my McDonalds and other fast food chains and understand that they aren’t my healthiest options.


I am however in awe when such food chains introduce new sandwiches that seem to be greasier and fatter than ones they have had in the past.  One of the ones I have been particularly taken with was this one advertised by KFC….its a deep fried chicken patty (mmm) with cheese, bacon and a HASH BROWN…seriously?  I am a fan of hash browns but can’t say I ever thought they might taste better covered in cheese, bacon and a giant chicken nugget. 

filet tower


This past weekend we were out at lunchtime and it started pouring…the only thing within running distance to where we were standing KFC so we popped in and pointed to a few options on the menu…low and behold when the hubby opened his burger box…he realised he had ‘accidentally’ ordered this exact artery clogger.   


Hash brown burger


I did keep my eye on him the rest of the afternoon and had my mobile phone on hand should he feel feeling shooting pains down his arm or start clutching his chest…thankfully, he survived.  Wondering what they will come up with next…a deep fried mars bar might fit well in between the tomato and hash brown.



Just because that food picture was a bit gross I thought I would leave you with the cutest food photo I have seen.






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2 Responses to WTF? Friday

  1. Amanda says:

    YOu must look at cute overload as well!! Cute pic

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