You’re not going anywhere…

On some of our recent trips I have noticed more and more in-plane advertising. I think its a great idea as I have self diagnosed myself with ADD and the worst place for me to be is stuck in a tin airplane for hours on end with nothing to do. I tend to search the seat pocket and read everything inside (including instructions on the sick bag) so when there is advertising like below on the Air Malta flight or Ryan Air you better believe I will read it.

Air Malta seatback advertisement (it was actually printed on the little tissue you rest your head on)

Air Malta seatback advertisement (it was actually printed on the little tissue you rest your head on)

Ryan air overhead compartment advertising

Ryan air overhead compartment advertising

Ryan air advertising

Ryan air advertising

My thoughts are that when they have you stuck in your seat they should be advertising things that you can purchase either right there ON the plane?  Great way to recoup those rising fuel costs!  They seem to instead have messages about buying real estate in Malta…which is really only applicable to those travelling to Malta (at least the Ryanair’s ads are applicable to all passengers as obviously you are familiar with their service and will probably be marginally more interested in the ads).

The one campaign that bugged me most was on my last Air Canada flight back to London . On this flight we were lucky enough to get one of the few planes they have upgraded and put in TV’s into the seats which meant we had had on demand TV (as opposed to the way to Toronto where we had this). The issue was that once you chose a TV show or movie, there were 5 minutes of commercials you had to watch before the feature started…and you couldn’t fast forward through (which to be fair as my background is in marketing so may as well capitalise on your captive market, they certainly aren’t going anywhere).

My problem with these ads were that they were all the same no matter which programme you watched and that first one was for my favourite steak restaurant in Canada called The Keg. I was stuck on crap airplane, after being served crap food and every time I tried to watch a show I was shown a 30 second commercial with a freshly grilled filet steak that is only available in CANADA which was a) somewhere that I wouldn’t be returning to for at least 6 months and b) WASN’T available on the plane and I was starving! I probably would have dished out good money had the air host/hostess come by with a tray of steak from The Keg.

Anyway my long winded point is that in air advertising is a great idea. In theory it could help to regulate flight prices by bringing in advertising revenue but I also think that airlines should carefully target their advertising audiences, go to companies that have products you can buy instantly on that plane…either from the food cart or duty free.  Bored people spend money (or is that just me?). Also try and advertise products/services that you can actually purchase in the country you are travelling to versus the one they just left….those are just my thoughts.

If you stuck with my blah blah this long I thank you with this great video from Mad TV (US sketch show) that is absolutely hilarious…now if only the belts could be sponsored by someone.


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