My biological clock is barking

So I think most women my age see a baby and start getting broody…I on the other hand see a dog and get broody. It shouldn’t surprise you then that this weekend I dragged the hubby to a dog show thing at Earls Court. It wasn’t a dog show like the ones you go and watch dogs perform but it was more of a show for you to meet and interact with over 200 breeds of dogs. They let you pet them, take pictures and ask questions about the breed. My initial (fairly North American) reaction was what if a kid gets bitten, or the dogs fight…then someone will sue and the whole thing will be shut down…thankfully the Brits don’t seem to worry so much about that stuff and let great shows like this go on (plus they don’t have rabies over here so that’s one less thing to worry about)!

The thing I loved best was that you could literally pet and play with every dog there!! It was like petting zoo of dogs…we stopped at the Bichon Frise exhibit as that is the type of dog the hubby had grown up with then we headed to the Border Terrier booth where I melted…look at this guy, don’t you just love him – that’s the kind of dog we eventually want to get.

Border Terrier

We also hit the basset hound exhibit (in honour of my doggie growing up Maggie) and stopped at all of the other 197 booths which included a hairless dog (eeew) the most massive St Bernard and a great dane that I stood eye level with. For those of you doggie lovers I have included some pictures below (not sure why the border terrier is duplicate but he’s cute enough to look at twic…for those of you cat lovers…sorry, can’t help you.

It was such a fun day out (it doesn’t take much to entertain me) and the best bit was at the end I got a bag of cotton candy! Dogs and cotton candy make me one happy girl.

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