WTF? Friday

So I have mentioned it a few times but I do enjoy watching Coronation Street and as such I do read up on the little gossipy bits that I come across.  This headline however I was convinced was a joke but apparently not (don’t worry Canadian Coronation fans, the headline won’t give too much away – although clicking on the link might)

‘The Windasses are going to be trouble’

Apparently the Windasses are a new family that are to be introduced to the show this week.

Are you kidding me?  They had every last name in the world to choose from and they chose Windass? Granted not everyone has the sense of humor of a 7 year old like I do but come on!!  Can you imagine a dream role comes up…’Congratulations you just got a part on Coronation Street, you will play Donna Windass!’ (insert one second pause) ‘Um, no thanks, I am going to see if Eastenders is hiring.’

Please, someone tell me that this is an early April Fools Joke…


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2 Responses to WTF? Friday

  1. Brennan says:

    Hi Adrienne, We are now about ten months behind in Canada with Coronation Street. Just his past Friday Vera died. It was a shock, I swear they are trying to kill off all the old cast members. I want to start a movement here in Canada to stop preempting Coronation Street for such thing as Olympics and NHL playoffs or elections and anything they can come up with. Run a non stop Coronation Street so we can catch up to the UK.I have stop looking up on the internet to update it to much of a spoiler.Love your Blog
    Cheers Brennan

  2. Adrienne says:

    I was so sad when she died! They do get rid of a lot of characters (mostly young though) between where you are and where we are but I read that some of the older characters have just signed 2 year contracts to make sure they are here for the 50th anniversary in 2010. They are also opening up the set for tours again for the 50th anniversary year…I sooo want to go.
    I don’t understand why they run you guys sooo far behind us, I can understand a few weeks or something to give them time to send the new episodes by boat to CBC but 10 months is stupid!

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