So last night was Guy Fawkes night which celebrates a failed attempt by a number of Catholic conspirators including Guy Fawkes to blow up the Houses of Parliament in England in 1605.  The country marks the event by putting on fireworks displays and bonfires so last night myself the hubby and 100,000 of our friends went to Clapham Common to watch the fairly impressive, fireworks display.  

Guy Fawkes Clapham


  Guy Fawkes Clapham



We grabbed dinner (beer and a bag of crisps) and watched our council tax dollars burn up into sparkly coloured lights in the sky.  I looked around at the ooing and aahing crowd and couldn’t help but notice that the average age must have been at least 25 with hardly a kid in sight.  Aren’t fireworks displays put on mainly for kids while the adults stand around and  talk about the looming recession? I am beginning to think that Peter Pan had it all wrong…forget Never-never-land …you want to stay a kid forever?  Move to London where your 30’s are still considered to be your teen years….and you don’t have to wear green spandex…unless of course you want to.

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