Up periscope


Due to the time difference the election coverage over here didn’t start till past my bedtime so instead I watched a documentary about Prince Charles and another woman he allegedly had an affair with…it was quite interesting and I learnt two things

1) When Charles and Diana got married, spectators in the crowd could purchase cardboard periscopes so they can see above the crowds. Why have I never seen these before? I am 3 apples tall I can barely see over an escalator railing…I could sooo have used this at numerous concerts and just walking around the street in general…imagine all the things I could see!


2) I can’t pronnounce words. I have spent 29 3/4 years thinking I can read and pronounce words but evidentially I have been doing it all wrong. There is a street in London called Beauchamp place…I would have guessed it is pronounced something like Bow-chomp (with a bit of a French sound to it)….nope it is pronounced Beach-umm (hear it here….)

Oy vey. I give up. Someone at work the other day told me it would be funny if for an entire day I spoke English. Presumably she meant that it would be funny if I spoke with an English ACCENT versus implying I speak something other than English…at least I hope.

Anyway going to continue grunting and pointing for the rest of the day in hopes people might understand me more.

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