WTF? Friday


Happy Halloween!!

Because I can never turn down and opportunity to eat junk food I stopped on my way in to work today and got some sweets for my colleagues who came to work dressed as ‘people who work at a digital marketing agency’.  

The rather yummy mix of sweets including mini Rolo, jelly tots, Kit kat, smarties and Aero.  Figuring that one of these would go nicely with my morning tea, I grabbed a box of mini smarties as they were always one of my all time faves (even better is when you put the box of Smarties in the microwave at full power for 7-10 seconds as it melts the middle slightly but still keeps the crisp, crunchy interior…amazing). 

I popped a few of the UK Smarties in my mouth then instantly remembered why I haven’t been eating them over here…they taste completely different, the chocolate centres seem fruity or perfumey and after a long debate with colleagues and some serious googling I confirmed that in fact the orange ones do have an orange flavour added to them which in my opinion makes all of the other flavours taste fruity too.  They also have stopped adding artificial colours so all of the Smarties are all pale now making them look like they have been made for Easter!

Anyway I ended up abandoning my half eaten pack of Smarties and now am enjoying some jelly tots and an aero…I needed both to get over the orange flavour trauma.

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2 Responses to WTF? Friday

  1. Amanda says:

    I love Jelly Tots! Didn’t know they still made those 🙂

  2. Adrienne says:

    Yup they still do, the package seems much smaller and the purple ones here are blackcurrant flavour versus grape but they still have them….yumm

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