Fall behind

So we officially changed our clocks on Saturday night (okay technically Sunday morning, and technically since we can’t’ find our microwave manual, our microwave is still back on last week time) but back home they don’t actually change their clocks until next week. In the past we all did it on the same day until March 2007 when the US government decided that they would change it so that instead of being on the first Sunday in April and last Sunday in October (as we are), they would change it to the Second Sunday in March and the First Sunday in November.  Of course, most of Canada followed suit…hey everyone thinks we are American anyway!

I find it strange that all of a sudden someone decided that time change time, would change.  Are we as humans that easily programmable that someone just tells us to add or lose an hour and we will do it….the answer (in my household anyway) is yes.  And even though technically I don’t think I actually got an extra hour of sleep I woke up all refreshed this morning, enjoying the fact that it was light out when I woke up.  However, my extra hour of rest is long forgotten as it is 5:11pm here and is pitch black out…can I get another hour extra now?  Come on, you changed the dates of the time change, can’t you give us a 26 hour clock but keep the 8 hour work day? 

Although it is marginally more convenient to only be 4 hours ahead of our friends and family in Canada vs. the normal 5 but that only lasts for a week then we are back to normal…depressing normal winter time.  At least here though we don’t get freezing temperatures (rarely below 0C) and hardly get snow (except in April when my in laws visit)  so it is marginally more tolerable than at home…but since I said that I have a feeling we are in for a cold, snowy winter.

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2 Responses to Fall behind

  1. Kirstin says:

    FYI (not riveting information) my cell phone must have thought that I was in England as it changed its time on the weekend. And as a testament to how easily programmable I am I went all, “OMG the clocks changed! My cell phone SAYS SOOOOOO” and started changing the other clocks in the house until I noticed that our cable box still had the old time – who do I believe? The cable box or the cell phone? Certainly not myself or any other human being because we’re very unreliable… and programmable.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Ha! I love the technological conundrum, do you trust your cell phone because it is fairly reliable and notifies you when someone is trying to contact you or your cable box that provides you hours of entertainment that can make you laugh, cry, forget your problems….don’t trust the microwave though…those things are dodgy, the clocks are usually wrong anyway, on bad days they tend to explode things then bake the explosion splatter to the top and sides…or maybe that is just my microwave.

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