No menu required

Last night we went to our favourite restaurant in London called Relais de Venise.  It is a French restaurant and what I love about it (on top of the food) is that they literally only serve one dish…salad, bread and steak frites (steak and skinny fries).  You get to choose what to have to drink (although we recommend the house red) and how you want your meat done but that’s it.  If you don’t want steak and fries, don’t come to this restaurant.  They don’t give you butter for your bread or ketchup for your fries, you eat what is given to you, how it is given to you. 


It sounds a little strict but believe me it is great and the concept works, do one thing and do it well. Their skinny fries are lovely and crunchy, the steak beautiful and tender and the brownish green sauce they put on it is so lovely you could drink it.


Some pictures below of the meal…(and a hint at why else we love it)

Steak Frites

Steak Frites


All gone 😦

Second portion of fries!!

Second portion of fries!!

...and steak!

...and steak!

The best, best part…they automatically give you a second portion…which in my opinion, is better than the first as you already know how good it tastes and now you get a second portion that is piping hot again.

The restaurant is very popular with locations in London, Paris and Barcelona all of which we have eaten at and encountered queues as (not surprisingly) they don’t take reservations.  We waited almost an hour in Paris for a table but it was worth it.  We haven’t had to wait in London as we figured out you either go early or late to avoid them.  Last night when weleft there was a queue outside that stretched the length of the restaurant….on a Wednesday night, in the middle of a credit crunch…I told you it was good.

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