Back from golf heaven

We arrived back safe and sound from our trip to golf heaven Scotland. We took the overnight sleeper train up to Edinburgh on Wednesday night which albeit not glamorous, was very practical as you travel while you sleep. We got on the train just before midnight, headed to the bar car for a nightcap then were tucked into our bunk beds by just after midnight. We arrived to Edinburgh at 7:00 ready to head up to St Andrews.

The main reason for the trip was to get my Dad and hubbie on ‘The Old Course’ at St Andrews…although they don’t make it easy. Apparently you have to book a year in advance to get a guaranteed tee time otherwise you have to enter ‘the draw’. To enter the draw you have to call the day before you want to golf and get your name in the draw for a tee time the next day…luckily the guys did get a spot so we headed straight from Edinburgh by train to St Andrews so they could get on the course.

We had a lovely Scottish taxi driver who told us all about St Andrews and confirmed the fact that Prince William and Kate Middleton met at St Andrews University and had been living together for ages before the ‘media’ caught on…I was surprised by that as other than golf, a few shops and some (albeit beautiful) ruins, there wasn’t a lot else to do other than Prince William/Middleton watching so am surprised more stories weren’t leaked by Golfing WAGS who were stuck in the town while their hubbies golfed. I sure as hell would have been facebooking my pictures should I have seen those two popping into the Tesco on the high street!

In a nutshell the guys golfed the Old Course, New Course and one called Kingsbarns which they both said was the most amazing course they have ever played…my hubbie had the round of his life shooting an 81 (insert golf clap here)…at least he may have a fallback career for when the credit crunch hits us. I on the other hand can run tours of St Andrews for the golf WAGS and make up stories of William and Kate sightings.

Kingsbarns - the favourite course

Kingsbarns - the favourite course

Dad in a wee bit of trouble

Dad in a wee bit of trouble

All in all it was a great trip, pretty sure Dad enjoyed himself and it didn’t’ seem the hubbie was too put out by having to escort his father in law around some of the world’s best golf courses…he’s such a trooper.

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