WTF? Friday

So I promised haggis for today’s post and it wasn’t hard to find. I wasn’t entirely sure what haggis was but knew it had something to do with stomach linings so pretty much lost interest right there. I have since wikipedia-ed it and it apparently is made using sheeps pluck (pluck being the sheep heart, liver and lungs) which is minced with onion, oatmeal, spices and salt and boiled in the stomach for approximately three hours..hmmm. It is traditionally served with neeps and tatties – neeps are what we Canadians call turnip but the Brits call swede…so neeps and tatties are a mix of mashed turnip and potato.

When I took this picture there were three trays of haggis and three cows but when I went back 2 hours later there was only 1 tray of haggis left and 1 cow was missing…that seems like a lot of meat for a small city to devour on a Thursday afternoon.

Finally I couldn’t resist posting this…it might have been funnier because Mom and I had split a bottle of wine at lunch but seriously….how can’t you laugh when passing this building…

Its located on Butts Wynd Road…love it!

Happy Friday!

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One Response to WTF? Friday

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the pictures, love the street. I have even had haggis and it’s “no so bad”!
    Aunty L.

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