Arrived safe and sound…with plenty of processed food

So the ‘rents have arrived which means I am now fully stocked up on Cheez Whiz, homemade Rice Krispie Squares, Motrin (brand name ibuprofen but it works better than ibuprofen because it has a better name), Kraft Peanut butter and the 30 Rock season 1 DVD…nope, not sure how they got through immigration either but I am happy they did.

So far they have learned that Gammon is ham and milk is cheaper here than it is at home.  They also discovered Dark Chocolate McVities (although I prefer the caramel ones) and seemingly haven’t been too bothered by the fact that today was a very ‘London day’ that stayed pretty overcast.


Anyway we also surprised Dad with a golf trip to St Andrews Scotland (mom is coming too but the surprise was for dad’s retirement/upcoming 60th birthday).  We leave tonight on an overnight train to Edinburgh then the guys tee off on the Old Course (the famous one apparently) tomorrow morning.

I am pretty sure I will find loads of blog material on our trip and am hoping to have a WTF? Friday post that includes haggis.

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5 Responses to Arrived safe and sound…with plenty of processed food

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for filling me in I’ll be waiting for updates. Remember dress for the wind in St. Andrews! Love Aunty L.

  2. Peter says:

    Always good getting the restock from the oversea visitors. Have a good trip with your parents.

  3. Bill says:

    St. Andrews Old Course is indeed the “famous one”. Your Dad will love it. My wife gave me a week’s trip to Scotland for my 60th birthday & it was a magical experience. Anyone who plays the game views a visit to the Old Course as a religious experience & it does not disappoint. Shivers went up my spine the first time I saw the Old Course. You’re giving your Dad the best present you could.

  4. Adrienne says:

    I was hoping so…when we met up with my Dad and the hubby they seemed pretty impressed with the course…they got lots of pictures and Mom is trying to convince Dad to start scrapbooking about his trip…that probably won’t happen but i think if nothing else I can definitely see he is in golf heaven!

  5. Brennnan says:

    Have a wonderful time in Scotland you guys!

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