Stick out your hands…

So my parents are coming for a visit tomorrow which means I have spent the last few days feverishly scrubbing the bathroom, doing laundry and cleaning the kitchen so it looks like I do all these things on a regular basis and not semi annually.  We even went out and bought food so it looks like we do use our kitchen to prepare food in and not just as a place to dump out our takeaway containers.


As we speak I am sure Mom is checking her last minute list of things to pack and is filling up her purse sized anti bacterial hand gel. Those of you who know my mom will know that in preparation for a week and a bit of riding the tube she will have bought super strength anti bacterial gel and will have one in her handbag, carry on and possibly in her suitcase for good measure.  Because, as we all know, the tube is a breeding ground for germs (I think that is an actual quote).  Thankfully I haven’t (yet) died from any such germs but will be ready to dutifully stick out my hands when she whips out her hand gel after each tube journey.  I will avoid mentioning to her all the times when I have run my hand down the escalator railing, clung on to the tube bars only to then sit dig into a bag of chips or some fries with my germ-ie hands. 


Anyway you can see based on her love of everything anti bacterial (I actually got anti bacterial pillow covers for Christmas last year) that my mother would absolutely love this very clean gadget! 

Basically each grocery cart goes through this sanitising machine and is sprayed with a quick drying sanitising gel which kills 99% of all common bacteria (don’t they all?) because there are apparently 1 million germs on shopping cart handles (nothing like a bit of a scare tactic to make you buy eh!). I actually never even thought of what kind of germs could be on a grocery cart handle (although I bet my mom has)

Maybe we can combine both ideas in honour of my Mom…take this gadget, attach it to the tube ticket gates so as you put your ticket in you would get misted by a lovely sanitising solution leaving everyone 99% germ free…genius eh!


A’ight…of to finish cleaning…only have 15 hours until they arrive.

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One Response to Stick out your hands…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good girl cleaning for your mother. I know she will appreciate it. Yes, I too (thanks to mom) now carry a bottle of disinfecting lotion in my purse! When she kept telling my about all the germs and where they were I got some. Most of the time I forget it is there, but one incounter with an old man with a big nose and a head cold ugh, made me praise her wisdom! Have a great visit! Love Aunty L.

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