WTF Friday…

Hmm I wonder if this could be a weekly segment as I tend to see a lot of things that make me wonder WTF?

Anyhoo this first one I saw the other morning at my local ‘cobbler’ when I went to drop my shoes off to to get new heels….



Um thanks for the brutal honesty but I am pretty sure ‘Back in 10 mins’ would suffice?


The second one was the ‘loo’ at our office…


Hand soap with collagen? aren’t you meant to inject that stuff in yoru lips?  Why do i want my hands to look like Angelina Jolie’s lips?

You: ‘…oooh Adrienne your hands look so supple and puffy’
Adrienne:That must be my new hand soap with Collagen.  Normally you have to inject collagen in your body to make things fuller but Carex has figured out how to to defy science and get the collagen into your body through the pores in your hands.’ 

Brilliant, love it…

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