Fancy a trip to the cinema?

Last Friday night the hubby and I went to the movies (or the cinema as they call it here)….  I think I have mentioned it before but I love going to the movies here as it is such a civilised adult thing to do vs. the theme park/arcade-esque establishments that theatres have become at home. There are two things that make movie-going here sooo much better


1)    They serve alcohol – enough said

2)    They pre-allocated your seats!!!!  If you want a good seat you book a good seat, if good seats aren’t available then go another night.  Want to go with a group? Book your tickets together…none of this showing up to the movie an hour early and throwing coats across 8 seats to ‘save’ them for your friends.  Here you rock up 5 minutes before the movie starts because you have your seats assigned and you know you will get one…not rocket science.


Anyway this particular cinema – the Electric Cinema on Portobello road is really popular and tends to sell out quickly as all their seats have footrests…seeing that I am impressed with small things like that, I went ahead and booked the tickets.  They are slightly more than the average cinema ticket but I was assured the seats were worth it….and they were!. 

The  cinema looked like a proper old theatre with probably only about 60 seats in it but each seat was a comfy deep leather chair with a matching leather footrest…beside each chair was a table with a bucket for your wine!!!  There was tons of space between you and the next seat in front of you which made walking to the bar nice and easy as you didn’t have to bother anyone else.


They opened the cinema about 15 mins before the previews start for you to grab a drink at their well stocked bar or a posh meal of bangers and chips or fish and chips from these cute little tubs.  Needless to say the bar was crowded with just about everyone buying a full bottle of wine and the food completely sold out which probably in revenue terms, helps to make up for the fact that they may not have as many seats as a regular cinema.  Oooh there was also 2 couches in the back that you could reserve for the ultimate date night. 


All in all the whole experience was great, the big comfy leather chairs were amazing with enough room to curl up in the foetal position or lay with your legs straight out. 


Even though the tickets were a bit more expensive they were completely worth it for a special occasion or a first date (although I would suggest not going for the couch seat right away…it was quite bed-like and may be a bit awkward).


Sorry the pictures are pretty rubbish but you might be able to get the idea….


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