Back bruises and baby cries

I am happy to say that the day ended on a fine note but started off as ‘one of those days’. I haven’t done laundry in ages (our couch was blocking our washing machine until Sunday night) so this morning when looking for something to wear I dug out a topshop top that I got ages ago that I was never quite sure if it was ‘me’. Its not particularly ‘out there’ its just a bit trendier than boring ol’ me tends to wear. The top is black with slightly puffed sleeves but it buttons up the back with 5 buttons.

On a side note …I couldn’t reach all the buttons so left two in the middle of my back undone until the hubby was around so he could help me….you know sort of like in the movies when the wife can’t get her dress zipped up her husband comes in and says “can I help you?”..then zips her up and tells her she looks nice? Anyway he walked in the bedroom and exclaimed…your shirt is undone did you know that? I said “yes, I can’t reach those butto…” but by the time I got to the word reach he had already left the room to go back and watch the news. I had to chase him down the hall to ask him to button me up….goddam movies portraying unrealistic expectations.

Anyway I sat down on the tube on the way to work this morning and leaned back to start reading my book…I immediately felt a sharp pain down my back and had to sit forward, realising quite quickly that every button on the back of my top was strategically positioned over each of my bony vertebrae. I tried to sit forward all the way to work but with every jiggle of the carriage i was thrown up against the torture buttons. I swear I have bruises all down my back.

I finally got to the point of my journey where I had to switch to a different line, this train was too busy to sit down (probably better, gave my back a break) so I stood near the door. I started reading my book and just as the doors shut and the tube started to move an ear piercing cry started. Let me back up for a second.…For those who haven’t been on it, the tube in the morning is a fairly quiet place…there is hardly any noise other than the faint hum of people’s ipods or the flipping of newspaper pages. This gives people a few minutes silence before coming back above ground only to power walk through to the office…so you can understand everyone’s surprise when the regularly quiet car was filled with an inconsolable baby’s cry.

At first everyone was pretty polite about it only giving quick glances over to the poor woman and her child but after it continued for two stops people started getting antsy and you could tell they were all considering getting off at the next stop to get away from the screaming baby….I felt terrible for the woman trying to console her child but was so glad I only had to endure 4 stops of the wailing as not only were my eardrums breaking but my ovaries were shriveling, I think I got out just in time.

Anyway I am happy to say the rest of the day went well with no more clothing related injuries or damage to my internal organs…

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One Response to Back bruises and baby cries

  1. Brennnan says:

    Hi A….Love reading your blog…the image of those ovaries shrinking….. ouch!really grabbed my attention. You have a wonderful turn of phrase and I can see that you need to consider another career…..printed author. Notes from the Underground: London 2008!
    How’s the financial scene over there ……from what you see on the tv, hear on the CBC, or read in the newspaper…..crazy everywhere.It looks like a good place to hide your cash these days might be in Florida where house prices have been devalued 80% ….that’s presuming you can stand all those beautiful beaches and warm weather and oranges growing in your backyard!
    Take care and have a great Thanksgiving with Mom and Dad.

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