A piece of the street…

Even before the hubby and I made our move to the UK we started watching Coronation Street (gasp). The main reason we started watching (besides both my Uncles being huge fans) was that it was on for 2 hours straight first thing Sunday morning so we used to lay on the couch with our morning tea and got sucked in because really, what else is there to do on a Sunday morning?

It seems however that being a ‘Corn’ fan is something of a secret in Canada however since moving here I have had loads of inquiries into different plots so definitely think more people watch it than admit to watching it. Based on the new merchandise that CBC (the channel that airs Coronation Street) has launched, I don’t think its just tea totaling ex pats that are watching the shows.

Check out three of the adorable T-shirts (that incidentally would make great birthday/Christmas presents for me…both are in December and I would take a small – images are in preference order). This either means that the audience that watches Corn in Canada is young and trendy or the merchandising guys thought they were designing for 90210 2.0.

First ChoiceFirst choice

Anyhoo besides the trendy tops there are some other random things like mugs and mousepads but i think my all time favourite items are the Coronation Street Shampoo, Conditioner and Volumising spray (for those big nights at the Rovers Return)!!

Oooh do you think they use it at Audrey’s salon?? They say it smells like Tangerine and Mango but I reckon it would sell better if it smelled like beer and Betty’s hot pot…way more authentic.

Betty's famous hotpot

Betty's famous hotpot

PS…not really as keen as receiving the hair products as a birthday or Christmas gift.

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