Little Britain. Big Laughs?

There have been a fair few of UK shows that have been adapted to the US market…Who’s line is it Anyway, Pop Idol, Deal or no Deal, Who do you think you are, I’m a Celebrity get me out of here, The Office, Strictly Come Dancing, Weakest Link, Who wants to be a millionaire (to name a few)…the latest UK import is Little Britain which aired I think sometime this week in the US (as Little Britain US…catchy title).

Anyway I just finished watching it and actually had a good chuckle – mostly because it was soooo pushing the boundaries of what is typically deemed funny in the US and I could see some people being absolutely appalled by the ‘vulgarity’ of the show. There was swearing, nudity and Rosie O’ is because of 2 of those 3 things that I am pretty sure this wont have mass appeal but may develop a cult following (possibly The Office watchers) and could make it past a few episodes.

The basic premise of the episode was to compare the US to UK in a cheeky stereotypical way insinuating in a few skits that Americans were overweight gun loving people with an obsession with their space programme. It will be interesting to see how it does as Brits do have a fairly different brand of humour than the Americans and it seems that that invisible line between funny and offensive is much farther away in Britain than it is in the US…I am thinking that most American family rooms were filled with the sound of disapproving tisk tisks vs belly laughs after tonight’s episode but we will have to see (not sure how long the clip below will stay up on Youtube but its the Rosie O’Donnell cameo).

I did find the concluding line to the episode a bit funny (mainly cause I am Canadian) ….America is a funny little country with delusions of grandeur.

Can’t wait for Little Britain Canada comes out when they all dress up like weed smoking lumberjacks playing hockey, drinking coffee, doing shots of maple syrup in a snow storm…comedy gold.

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2 Responses to Little Britain. Big Laughs?

  1. Katherine says:

    That’s golden! When is it coming to the US?!
    P.S. I actually fired that .50 cal Barret semi-auto machine gun … a guy I know from work (who lives on a huge farm) owns it. Long story, but I swear I’m not crazy!! But American … Oy! =)

  2. Adrienne says:

    Ha! Love it…you have to see the gun clip then. I will check out when it airs in the US and see if I can find a link for you…hope you are well!

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