We interrupt this programme…

I have noticed when watching TV here that the commercial breaks are significantly shorter here than they are at home…so much so that they even cut out breaks when they re-broadcast American shows…ie if you happen to catch Friends on TV here (frankly it’s hard not to as it is on 24/7) you will see where a break is meant to be for a commercial but it continues on. This does actually mean however that a half hour show ends short of a half hour but leaves you more time between the end of say Friends, and the beginning of…let’s say another Friends episode (to make popcorn). I did hear that they are thinking of shortening UK shows to the same length as US ones to increase ad revenue….or they can come up with silly ideas like this one below.

Ads that pop up during shows! Apparently there is a new computer technology (an algorithm to be exact) that can detect blank areas in a scene (ie a blue sky or blank wall) where a logo or message could appear! ITV is currently testing it out with their online broadcasts but promise that the logos wouldn’t pop up at a crucial point in the show…..riiiight just like Yell was told that their logo would pop up during relevant news articles (thanks to a fancy algorithm) as it did below.

(if you cant see it there was a story about a chick that had adopted a cat as a friend and they mention that the cat and chick ‘share’ a house…this word share was clickable and an advertisement for Yell.com cleverly popped up with the search field filled out for an Investment Banker…um no, not that kind of share)

…anyway not too sure I love the idea of plastering logos in the middle of my shows (I find the pop ups in news articles annoying enough and I can close them myself) ….I do love though that in the ITV story they have mocked up a photo of this advertising in a scene from Coronation Street and used a McDonalds logo…sounds like a perfect night in to me!!

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