Ready made pancakes

A colleague of mine bought these today and I couldn’t help but laugh….

Ready made pancakes!! It’s the perfect solution for people like me that thought having to add an egg, milk, preheating a pan, pouring in batter, waiting for them to get bubbly then flipping them was way too tricky. Basically you open the pack…stick them in the toaster, wait, take them out then eat.

Although I have a hard time believing they taste as good as a fresh, fluffy pancake straight out of the pan smothered in maple syrup with bacon… it’s sort of like having a pre-cooked fried egg that you microwave…just not the same.  However it seems pancakes in general are more of a dessert thing vs breakfast as they are at home.  On the back of the pack of these pancakes they recommends eating them with jam (although to be fair when I get pancakes at my in laws house for breakfast I get mine with chocolate chips which may not sound very breakfast-ie either but they are sure yummy) and on pancake day here they had displays set up with crepe looking things covered in a lemon sauce.

This pancake as a dessert idea does explain why when we went out for breakfast when we first got here and I ordered pancakes that the woman looked at me funny and served me a stack of pancakes smothered in whipped cream, fruit and ice cream….basically the best breakfast I have ever had!

On that note I leave you with a quote from one of my favourite comedians, Mitch Hedberg…I think his pancaking theory can work for more than just comedians as I have sat through many a presentation where the presenter pancaked or movies that totally pancaked.

“Pancakes are great when you start eating them, but by the time you get to the end your totally sick of them. That’s why pancaking is a going to be a new comedy term, because some comics start off great. By the time their ending their act, though, you’re sick of them. ‘Hey, look at Mitch up there! He’s totally pancaking!'”

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