Sunny September Weekend

This weekend we had absolutely beautiful weather with a cloudless blue sky both Saturday and Sunday. Since our endless DIY project still isn’t finished, we had to venture out on Saturday to do some errands but were able to enjoy the sun in the afternoon while painting 9 miles of trim.

Sunday we decided to forget about the flat for a bit and headed to Hampstead Heath in North London. Hamptstead Heath is a massive park that measures 3.2 (1.24 sq. miles) of rolling hills, forest, playgrounds and 25 ponds. It also has one of London’s highest points on top of Parliament Hill (the highest point called Kite hill due to its ideal terrain for kite flying) which on a clear day you can see St Paul’s Cathedral and Canary Wharf to the East of the city.

It was a bit hazy but you could see Canary Wharf in the distance
It was a bit hazy but you could see Canary Wharf in the distance

This was our first proper visit to ‘the Heath’ as the first time we went we couldn’t find it and had to head back home after spending an hour walking up and down the High Street looking for a giant grassy area. This trip we were equipped with our AtoZ as well as my blackberry GPS so there was no way the Heath could hide from us.

This doesn't look like the way to the tube
This doesn’t look like the way to the tube

Once we found it and started hiking through, I was totally taken aback the size of the trees and density of the forest…you really had to stop and remind yourself that you were still in London as it felt like you had wandered into some massive national park and were trying to make your way back to your campsite. As I am the Queen of inappropriate shoes (did the entire Cotswolds trip in high heel shoes last weekend – even the bit when we went to visit cows through the mucky grassy field), my flip flops certainly got a work out and reminded me often while stumbling down rocky hills that next time I should wear something with more grip…..or just with grip for that matter.

Tree on the Heath

All in all it was another lovely weekend in the city and I found myself amazed yet again, that after almost 3 years in the city that we are still finding areas like this to explore. Next time I am going back to that kite area (in high heels), I always lived too close to trees or telephone poles to get a nice proper kite fly.

P.S. Right now as I type, the hubby is sitting at the computer with his earphones on listening to news reports about the market.  He just told me we are in market meltdown…its fun living with such an optimist. (Adrienne hits publish on her blog, puts her fingers in her ears and hums loudly successfully ignoring the financial state of the world for yet another day)

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