Mystery advertisement update


It seems the mystery has been solved with various marking publications announcing that the ad campaign I mentioned the other day is for The Times (London newspaper).  See quote below

The purpose of the campaign has been to encourage readers to question and challenge, to think again about our times and to think again about The Times. The same rationale was behind the decision to drop the end line, Join The Debate. The paper wants its readers to make up their own minds about what the paper means to them.”  …more

It is marginally anti climatic as I was hoping it was some clever word puzzle or that they all had something in common that poor ol’ me couldn’t figure out.  I guess the campaign makes sense however I am not sure it makes me want to buy The Times…you have to throw in some free DVD’s or a gossip mag for me to buy 🙂

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One Response to Mystery advertisement update

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the update. I am disappointed as I was waiting for something really clever! Sad really to think I wasted time pondering a British newpaper ad, but then I’m old and eccentric and must have nothing else to do! Aunty L.

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