ShortList Day!

So on top of the three free papers I read each day (Metro, Lite and London paper) there are a few days a week where you get additional free magazines…Thursday’s is called Short List and Friday is Sport.  I love the ShortList and there is a point every Thursday morning when I cross the street on my walk to the tube and see the Short List distributor and am lifted from my morning walk-to-work-funk remembering that its almost the end of the week and I get to read ShortList on my way to work.



The ShortList is definitely a publication for men…it says so on the front – For men with more than one thing on their minds… doesn’t really sound like it is written for a married broad approaching 30 like me but it does remind me of a marketing theory I learned in university (yes, amazing I know, I learned something in uni…hold on though I only remember bits of it).  The gist of this theory is that generally women are more responsive to/interested in stuff that is typically deemed ‘male’ (gadgets, cars) than men are of women stuff (makeup, shoes – although if this guyliner and man-scara takes off you never know) so in order to reach the widest audience, marketers (in certain situations) should take a more male slant to their communications.  Basically if Short List magazine was pink featuring a hot guy on the front with makeup tips and the sexiest new shoes this season ,they would probably have a far smaller circulation than the current one full of swish cars, neat gadgets, luxury holidays and sporting figures which has a wider appeal. 


Regardless I love it…even more than the hubby who is a real live actual man to whom it is targeted at.  Their gadget section is great as are their random articles about what other countries eat when they go to the cinema (Japan opts for octopus balls or fried squid pancakes) or how many animals it actual took to depict one in a movie (Babe was played by 47 piglets) to their resident funny man Danny Wallace whom on a weekly basis writes funny stories about something humiliating that had happened to him – schadenfreude at its best (I learned that word from the Avenue Q musical it is defined as enjoyment taken from the misfortune of others…hmm seemed funnier in the play). 


Anyhoo one final thing on the topic of papers…this ad below has been driving me nuts the past few days as it has been appearing in the tube and today in my morning metro. Each ad appears on a different page…I was thinking it was some kind of word puzzle kid-Obama-superconductor  but I am not sure what that would mean…then I thought it might be numbers the kid is 1 then Obama is standing outside of number 10 then that CERN generator thing looks like a 0 but 1100 doesn’t mean much either.  Any suggestions?



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One Response to ShortList Day!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Now you have me curious! When you find out let me know! How about things to big for their britches! Aunty L.

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