Overused, annoying and pointless

I hate it when marketing-speak takes over the news headlines.  Phrases like ‘war on terror’ and  ‘carbon footprint’ are created to essentially dumb down the news and make it more palatable for the average Joe…which is all fine until they hit the point (which all of them do) that they are repeated so much that they become meaningless and annoying…the most recent victim (at least in the UK)…credit crunch.

I can’t turn on the TV or read a newspaper without hearing how the credit crunch has affected poor Mary living on income support, how bad the credit crunch is/will be and what we can do to safeguard ourselves against the credit crunch.  The latter tends to include an interview with an overenthusiastic chap telling you to pay off your credit card, turn down your heat and buy store brand beer and shampoo to save money.

I don’t think my jaw clenchingly annoying phrase has crossed international borders yet but for those who haven’t heard it, credit crunch is defined as the sudden increase in the cost of obtaining a loan.  In the UK it that loan refers to a mortgage as lenders are not willing to give you 100% mortgages (or in some cases 125% mortgages) anymore (um,…nor should they EVER, it’s ridiculous to think that you could buy a house with NO money down…I digress). This means to buy a house you need substantially higher down payments and those re-mortgaging need to come up with some cash as they may  not be able to borrow as much as they have in the past.  This has an overall impact as people are paying more for their home leaving them less money for thinks like food and heat (which is also increased in price)….or whatever…that’s the gist of the credit crunch.

Anyway the term is driving me nuts and I can’t wait till it gets replaced by some other annoying phrase…my truly optimistic financially minded hubby keeps telling me we are approaching a Financial Armageddon which is a pretty crappy phrase but I did like the movie and keep picturing Ben Affleck (as he was hotter back then) so that phrase is marginally better.

Finally since its Friday I leave you with a funny picture I got via email yesterday depicting how the credit crunch will affect Britain…it is not only priceless but something to look forward to…I would totally order a Big Mac from her…bring on Financial Armageddon!


Philip, I said hold the pickles and they want fries with that. Tell Charles his break is over!

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One Response to Overused, annoying and pointless

  1. ahnbaby2 says:

    Um, is the soundtrack to the financial Armageddon being sung by Aerosmith? Because I would TOTALLY be down with some girl-loves-hot-dad-and-loves-hot-boyfriend-one-dies-in-stockmarket-crash drama all interspersed with the vocal stylings of Steven Tyeler.


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