Your safety is important to us (said with fingers crossed behind their back)

I don’t (really) mean to obsess over Air Canada but I couldn’t help comment on this story.

I have flown a lot in my life and have (on occasion) looked through that little safety card in the seat back pocket and noticed the lovely image of a plane floating on water.  My hubbie has a license to fly small planes and so one day we were chatting about said image and he remarked (quite matter of factly) that commercial planes basically can’t land on water…that at event the slowest speed if they hit water it is essentially like flying into a brick wall and the plane will shatter to bits.  What?  but the safety card shows it all floatie like with all of us bobbing around in our life jackets and floating on that neat slide thing that turns into a raft…he looked at me and basically shook his head…no…basically not possible. As a side note this knowledge has NOT helped me get over my newly acquired fear of flying. 

So in an era of low cost airlines charging for everything other than your seat belt to cover their high fuel costs I couldn’t help but laugh a bit at this move by Air Canada’s short haul flight service called Jazz…  

Air Canada Jazz ditches life vests to cut costs

Jazz spokeswoman Manon Stuart said last week that government regulations set by Transport Canada allow airlines to use flotation devices instead of life vests provided the planes remain within 50 nautical miles of shore. Safety cards in the seat pockets of Jazz aircraft now direct passengers to use the seat cushions as flotation devices.

“The nature of our operations doesn’t require that we carry both,” Stuart said, adding that Jazz is a transcontinental carrier that doesn’t fly over the ocean.Jazz planes do fly over the Great Lakes and along the Eastern seaboard from Halifax, Nova Scotia, to Boston and New York.  article continues…


Guess this proves hubbie’s can’t-land-on-water theory…the article goes on to say that the seat cushions are buoyant so you can use those and that they will be updating their safety cards to reflect this. Why don’t they just print the truth.  If this plane lands on water…don’t worry, we will see you at the pearly gates, follow the light at the end of the tunnel.

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