Car boot sale…same cr*p, different country

While wandering around a random part of London on Saturday we happened upon a Car Boot sale (translation, sell crap from the trunk of your car in a large parking lot).  Now, I had heard of car boot sales and was always curious to see one as it seemed like a great substitute to the ever popular North American garage sale. I am figuring the car boot sale is more popular than a garage sale as most houses that I have seen don’t have garages or driveways (to be fair I really haven’t left central London)r, making a garage sale pretty impossible. However, people do have cars and  most cars have boots (not winter boots or rain boots…trunks) and most people have sh*t they want to get rid of.

The thing I liked about the car boot sale concept is the multiple ‘boots’ you can visit. Instead of following the hand made signs posted around your neighbourhood to find that one house having a Garage sale…you just rock up to a massive parking lot and shop til your heart’s content in multiple car boots…observe (you may have to click to enlarge for the full effect)

I think we got there a little late as all that was left was crap..or maybe we arrived just in time and all there ever was there was crap but some of this crap had some nice old world charm….a pretty Victorian fireplace hearth, fancy old radiators and maps from before Canada was even a country. There was also the other standard crap like well worn clothes and a vacuum with the dirt still in it!!  

Anyway I can tick that off the list of things I wanted to do/see while in the UK….other such things include meeting the Queen, hanging with Prince Harry (or William I am not picky) at Mahiki, driving UK style (other side of the road and car), sort out the belt with a dress look and speak with an English accent…we may have to be here for a while.

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