How to stay warm, peel a carrot and make money off a pint

Its been a while since I have featured some neat gadgets (the urinal or  your-eye-nail that they are installing on the high street isn’t finished yet but I will update you on it once it is in).

This first one I love (it’s called the Slanket) because I am one of those people who is generally cold but married a man likes to have all the doors and windows open no matter what the season which for the most part in London feels chilly.  I do fear however that if I did get this that the neighbours will mistake me for yogi bear…do you think it comes in other colours?


I am sorry but this next one had to be invented by a woman* who got her inspiration for the gadget while shaving her legs.  I bet she was in the shower thinking about Christmas dinner or some large meal (as you do) and when she thought about peeling the carrots wtih her crappy old peeler she wondered why no peeler worked as well as her pink Bic razor…thus the Perfect Peeler was born 

*I am by no means implying that men dont’ cook, i am implying that men don’t multi task, when shaving I am pretty sure they only thing they hear in their head is teh sound of the razor against their stubble vs voices in their head planning the rest of their day.


Finally this one hardly qualifies as a gadget but proves that there is a market for everything…these British imperial pint glasses (with the authentic European Union pint seal) are being sold for $7.00 (£3.50) each.  I love that one of the selling features is that “the heavy ride on the glass provides durability and easy stacking!”  For £3.50 a glass I can get a beer and still make £1 profit selling the glass.  I am heading down to my local pub with a giant handbag…place your orders now folks.




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