That’s what I call child friendly

Don’t get me wrong I love kids and enjoy being a P.A.N.K…I love other people’s children because you can give back when they start crying/need a diaper change or just start annoying you (something I hear you can’t do when they are yours). I do realise that the hubby and I live a very child free existence, we regularly leave broken glass all over the house, open bottles of booze in every room, we sit too close to the TV and we play in the middle of street.  Kids just don’t’ really fit with us just yet (did I mention we also swear a lot ? – okay all the rest were lies but that last one is true) but on top of our bad habits I think London itself deters me a little from having kids as I have enough trouble plowing through it to get stuff done that the thought of doing it with kids in tow scares me!

It’s not that London is not friendly towards kids (they stopped using them to sweep chimneys at least 3 years ago) it’s just not an easy city to navigate with children . You will agree the first time you see a parent trying to juggle a stroller (or pram) down the steep escalator into the tube without the having the child roll out head first down the stairs.

Anyway to further prove my point we were out for dinner with the hubby and a friend on Saturday night…the restaurant was down a marginally dark and scary looking street but got good reviews on the internet (so it had to be safe right?).  Anyway, while desperately trying to locate the wine list I flipped over my menu to discover that we were dining at a very special restaurant:

It was THE most child friendly restaurant in London!! Really? See below for a shot of the restaurant interior:

Check out those sharp table corners at toddler height and easily accessible forks and knives! That’s my idea of child friendly…eat your heart out Ronald McDonald.

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