It’s over!!!

Yay! well I am home from the race and comfortably on the couch with a nice tea. As per yesterday’s post I participated in the Adidas 5k womens race through Hyde Park. As you would expect for London the day started off rainy, and not just drizzle put a proper down pour when I woke up. We planned for the worst and brought a change of clothes and umbrellas. Luckily however as soon as we headed out to the race it stopped raining and didn’t rain again all day. It was a bit mucky though as we walked through the park but I think my runners enjoyed a little mud mask prior to being smashed into the pavement.

Anyway the atmoshphere was pretty spectacular with over 15,000 enthusiastic women with varying athletic abilities all there supportig different causes. I positioned myself in the starting area for those wanting to run the 5K in 25-30 minutes which was my goal (to run it under 30 mins)…. So did I do it under 30 mins??? I actually did!! l my final time was 27 minutes 39 seconds which I was super excited about (however as we speak the race highlights are on BBC 2 and they are showing the women who did it in 15 mins!! WTF…thats a bit of a buzz kill).

All in all the past few months have given me a HUGE respect for running and I really admire those who give it a go as for some I know it isn’t easy! Today I also have realised how important the spectators are in encouraging the runners. I was starting to slow down a bit somewhere around 3k and a group of people started cheering and clapping and it really did give me that boost that I needed…I highly reccomend that if you aren’t goig to take up running after this, take up professional spectating, cheer loudly and tell them they don’t have far to go (no matter how far it is to go 🙂

On a final final note I want to give a shout out to my amazing (and marginally insane) friend Jenn who is doing a half ironman triathlon this time next week. She is an absolute inspiration and was so supportive of my 5k even though she is about to do a 21k run, 94k bike ride and 2k swim, I am sore and tired just typing all that, sending all my love from here, if there wasn’t an ocean between us I would be there cheering you on!!

Alright, that is about enough athletic talk…from now on we are back to random London experiences, gadgets and other crap you don’t really care about but read anyway 🙂

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4 Responses to It’s over!!!

  1. nicspic2608 says:

    Well done!! My housemate did the same run (fyi you beat her!). x

  2. Amanda says:

    Pretty impressive A.. there is no way I can run 5 k.. pathetic I know! lol

  3. Adrienne says:

    Seriously it took me over 4 months to be able to run that far…it doesn’t sound like a far way but I do think most people woudl find it a bit of a challenge (at least I would like to think so)!

  4. Lorraine Bentley says:

    Well done Adrienne! Keep up the good work. Just so you know, I have seen your mother sprint 100 metres, she out ran several people and scored a pair of really fabulous shoes! Aunty L.

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