Off and running

It’s almost been 5 months now since I got this silly idea to ‘train’ to run a 5K in September. Now I know most people don’t have to train for a 5k and can probably run it no problem but as I have mentioned I am the most nonathletic person. I normally refrain from the act of running unless being chased by person with a gun ( I got that from my mom…both the quote and my lack of athletic skills).

Needless to say this whole attempt at being athletic was a stretch for me. I am happy to say that after 29 runs and 115km’s I am ready to rock this 5K run through Hyde Park tomorrow (thanks to my Nike plus for providing all the useless stats, I couldn’t have done it without you). I also got a great new outfit from lulu lemon when I was home in Canada as looking good is half the battle. I also have my ipod loaded with some amazingly cheesy songs so if nothing else I will sing to myself for 30 minutes.

I received my bib number and race pack that included some amazing tips like reminding me to bring things like toilet paper and a change of knickers for after the race (god I love the English) which sounds a bit over the top – I am not going to Glastonbury – its a 5k in Hyde Park for god sake – I should be okay with a bottle of water and a snack after the run (and a camera, yes mom there will be pictures, I promise).

All in all I am ready – my goal is to run it in 30 minutes which should be do-able pending I don’t fall…again.

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2 Responses to Off and running

  1. jamievalentine says:

    Congrats on taking on a 5k challenge! Looking forward to hearing how it goes! Remember to not go out too fast from the start. Keep a quick yet comfortable pace and you will do great!

  2. Adrienne says:

    The pacing thing will be a bit of an issue….I put a few slow songs on my running play list to try and coax myself to start off slowly…I will have to resist the urge to grab someone and start slow dancing but I should be okay 🙂

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