While oot and aboot

For lack of being able to think of anything better to blog about I thought I would share some pictures of things I thought were funny while out and about London (and no I don’t say it oot and aboot).

This ‘yummy’ Chinese food restaurant caught my eye as we waited for a bus the other day. I am not sure that the shop window is the best place to be advertising things like leg or bikini waxes and body piercing (you may need to click the picture to read it properly).  I hope the staff aren’t doing double duty…um yes I would like a lemon chicken and a bikini wax (not necessarily in that order).  I wouldn’t want to find a hair in my food at this place! 


I saw this one this morning in Tesco.  This is one of those lovely customer service/marketing ideas to show you that the store has a very caring staff willing to help you out with whatever you need.  My particular favourite picture was of the store manager who is willing to help you pick out your favourite Bacardi Breezers…oooh the local 12 year olds will be so happy, its always so hard to choose between rockin’raspberry and outrageous orange!

"My favourite is outrageous orange!"

The last one is one of those ‘you had to be there’ type things but unfortunately I didn’t have my camera and you weren’t there so I will try my best.  There is this little Polish cafe on the high street that has been closed for a month for renovations and last Saturday was having a grand opening party which included a DJ and some funky disco ball type lights (both of which made me laugh laughed a bit as I didn’t really figure the little Polish cafe would turn into the little Polish night club – but nevertheless there were a few people bopping around when we walked by so it must have been a good party).

The next morning we happened to be walking up the high street and passed a glasses shop that was beside the little Polish cafe/club and noticed that all the glasses on the wall that the shop shared with Polish cafe had fallen off the wall!! It made me laugh out loud…must have been a pretty rocking party to shake all the glasses off!!  I can just see the optician on their hands and knees Sunday morning swearing under their breath while having to put 100 pairs of glasses back up on the wall…can’t wait to see if it happens next Saturday!

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