Grab the bubbly and call Phil and Kirsty

So today we officially exchanged on our flat…exchanging is the legal exchange of contracts meaning both the seller must sell and the buyer must buy…no more risk of gazumping which is nice! If only Phil and Kirsty were here from Relocation, Relocation we could pop champagne and watch them flirt in a I-can’t-fancy-you-I’m-married kind of way.

Anyway the next step is to close – when you actually get the keys. I imagine that is the exciting part but, since the keys are in my handbag and we have been living in the flat for 2.5 years it is marginally anti-climatic. What will be exciting is when we get to get rid of the random stuff that the owner left behind with no intention of ever coming back for. Some of the things include 2 very rusty patio chairs, 16 mismatched tea mugs, 4 Christmas themed shot glasses and a lime green vase that she clearly got free from a magazine subscription. We don’t officially ‘close’ until the 8th but I have the boxes all packed and ready to go to the charity shop and we might have already started painting but we won’t tell anyone.

The only slight buzz kill was this headline I was greeted with on my way home:

Nothing like telling a new home owner that “House prices are plummeting at their fastest rate for almost two decades as the market faces collapse, figures revealed today”. Today? Really? it couldn’t have been a week from now after we had some champagne and visited the charity shop…or 2 months ago before we bought…no? …I might have just found a use for those Christmas shot glasses after all.

On a side note…the word decades can also be pronnounced “de – kades’ with a slight pause between the de and kades….its hilarious click here to listen be patient it takes a second for the dude to say it but its worth the wait.

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2 Responses to Grab the bubbly and call Phil and Kirsty

  1. Amanda says:


    Congrats on home ownership!! woo hooo!!

  2. Kimberley says:

    How do you find these websites! Loved it!

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