Coming to a high street near us

Couldn’t help but snap a photo of this new gadget on our high street (aka the main street that runs through the area we live in…because our area is fairly young it is mainly full of bars and restaurants with a few grocery stores and clothing shops thrown in). Anyway I might have a heightened awareness of toilet facilities due to my husband’s mini bladder but I think everyone would find this pretty neat if they hadn’t seen it before……

Ta Da!

A retractile urinal (or your-eye-nail as the English pronounce it!)! Although it won’t do me much good I can’t help but be pretty impressed that such a vessel even exists. Men can stop for a wee on their stumble home from the bar at night but during the day when there is less of a need for such a facility, it gets swallowed into the earth! Although from the picture in the top left it sort of looks like you step in and you get sucked into the earth….either way it’s a pretty cool gadget…one in which I have a feeling my hubbie might find particularly useful.

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