Bank holiday DIY

So we did a little DYI (aka home improvements) to our flat this weekend.  We are in the process of buying our flat (see my previous post on the UK housing market ) and should be exchanging contracts this week and closing in about 10 days.  Even though we don’t technically own the flat yet, we thought it was a good weekend to start on the list of things we want to do as it is a pretty long list as clearly nothing has been done in the flat for years (at least the past 2.5 years we have been bumbling around in it).


We started with the baseboards as they are this glossy yellow ish colour which just looks kinda gross and dirty.  Because the current paint was a gloss, we had to put primer (or undercoat as they call it here) to cover up the gloss so we can paint over it in a white flat/matte (not glossy paint). 

We went to our local B&Q (equivalent of Home Depot) to pick up our baseboard paint and were directed around the store by the helpful paint dude who gave us a Matte for the ceiling and a Satinwood for the baseboards.  Happily we dragged our supplies home and started panting.  The undercoat went on well but we chose to start in the hall which has 6 doorways in it which are particularly annoying as the doors have two sides (facing the hallway and facing in) as well as loads of little grooves. 


We finished the priming Sunday and started on painting the baseboards white on Monday.  I did notice that the paint smelled a bit stronger than the undercoat which I thought made sense then I noticed my  hands sticking to my brush more than the undercoat.  I ran my hands under water and found that none the paint was coming off…I also dripped a bit on the carpet (which thankfully we are replacing) and noticed it didnt’ come off with water either.  After a few minutes we realised that this ‘non glossy’ paint was in fact just as glossy as the yellow crap we covered up and was oil based so was a b*tch to get off of everything (including ourselves).  Standing back pondering the three door frames I had just painstakingly painted we realised that this was basically the white version of the yellow crap we just tried to cover up…grrrr


I gave up on DIY at this point and threw in the brushes to start again another day….with the correct NON GLOSS paint. 


Interestingly I googled Satinwood and got this description:

Dulux Satinwood is a beautiful satin finish specially designed for use on interior wood and metal, including radiators. It is a subtle, attractive alternative to gloss. It is just as hard wearing and washable as gloss. Dulux Satinwood is easy to use, it needs no undercoat and can be applied directly over old gloss paint after preparation.

I can see how helpful paint dude may have gotten confused was it the bit about us buying undercoat (which he helped us pick out) to cover the gloss which was already there or the bit when we said WE DIDN’T WANT A GLOSSY FINISH. 


This guy is employee of the month material I wish I could do my job that well.

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