No wonder our bags felt heavy

Today is one of my favourite days…it’s a Friday before a long weekend…the only better day is the Friday before a holiday…or maybe the Friday you retire but since that day is over 9000 working days for me I will take the two aforementioned Fridays.


Anyway I am looking forward to this long weekend as I plan to do nothing…well not really nothing because I have a list of things to do as long as my arm starting at laundry and ending at picking out paint colours and flooring (as we are buying our flat and want to make it look like a proper flat and not somewhere we have just been squatting in for almost 3 years).   In between those chores however I plan to sleep, eat and sit on the couch and catch up on some sleep from our trip. 


I am also looking forward to tucking into some of my favourite foods which we smuggled back into the country including:



Cheeze Whiz– a processed cheese – or cheez rather – that you can put on everything from toast to celery or melted over broccoli…mmm







Kraft Peanut Butter – tastes marginally like peanuts but probably more like sugar. How can you resist, it’s got bears on it!











Franks Red Hot– hot sauce like tobasco but thicker…like a ketchup tobasco or kabasco hahaha – that’s for the hubby I don’t like hot stuff, I find pepper spicy









Marshmallows– I brought back two bags but already ate one and a half – had a few for breakfast mmmmm.  I bet the second bag will be done by tonight or tomorrow morning




Kraft Dinner  – for the hubbie – basically boxed macaroni and cheese but fake cheese – but they don’t put the z in this cheese




 Creamy Cucumber Salad Dressing – couldn’t find a picture of this stuff…this flavour and Catalina are my favourite dressings, you can’t get the same massive selection of salad dressing here. It’s either a few flavours of Kraft – Italian, thousand island, balsamic or some random Newman’s own flavours…not the shelves and shelves of options we have!


Jello pudding– not to be confused with the British notion of pudding which actually means dessert, in Canada pudding is a thick mousse type stuff made with milk…but you technically eat it for dessert so in Britain I could say I am having pudding for pudding hahaha



Microwave butter popcorn – you can get microwave popcorn here but its not as good…





Wow that sounds like a lot of stuff.  Did I mention we brought an entire set of pots and a new set of utensils?  No wonder air lines are cutting back on their baggage allowance…its cause of people like us!!


Time to go home now…yay!

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