On the road again

When I was home I drove for the first time in ages which was quite fun. As a result of taking over my parent’s car for a week I had to do the essential trip to the gas station (or petrol station for you Brits) before returning the car to Mom and Dad (yes, I am 16 again).  As I was filling up and watching the dollar signs go by at breakneck speed I remembered when I started driving and gas was $0.42 per litre and you could fill up your car for just over $20…I also remembered that way back then I thought there was no way prices would go over $1.00/litre because there was only space for 2 numbers on their price signs (as per image below).  Amazing how quickly all the stations upgraded to digital signs with enough number spaces to cover them until it hits $1,000 per litre.



Earlier this week, back in the UK, I had to go to a meeting with a colleague…in a car…something I don’t do often -drive in a car…not go to meetings, I do that all the time.  But I still find being a passenger here quite fun seeing that I am sitting on the other side of the car driving down the other side of the road.  Anyway we stopped to fill up with petrol (not gas cause we were in the UK)…it was busy so we waited behind a guy filling his car.  When he was done he let go of the lever (stopping the flow of petrol) then took the black gas tubing and lifted it above his head and shook it like it was a poisonous snake who’s head was stuck in his tank.

After doing a double take I asked my colleague what the hell he was doing.  My colleague looked at me blankly and said…’Getting all the petrol out of the tube, there is still lots left in the hose when you turn it off’ (he may as well have ended the sentence with a big fat DUH!)  Anyway it was at that point when I glanced at the petrol prices which were at £1.11 ($2.22)/litre…FAWK for that price I am going to drive my car up to every pump and do a big ol hose shake at every station I can find….or, I will just continue to take the tube – that whole ‘ driving on other the other side of the road’ thing freaks me out.

Image source http://www.gassigns.org/ (not kidding, its a site full of gas signs.  I love the internet)

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