I thought she was a Football WAG not a Cricket WAG

While brushing up on my daily gossip (as I do) I read that Colleen Rooney, a fairly popular WAG (see definition here)  who is married to footballer Wayne Rooney, splashed out £20,000 ($40,000 CDN) in 2 hours at Liverpool’s Cricket Boutique. To which I exclaimed to my colleagues…”If I was going to drop £20,000 in 2 hours it wouldn’t be at a gift shop at a cricket ground!” (picturing her bags of designer cricket wear similar to what you would find at the Wimbledon gift shop)


Apparently however, Liverpool Cricket Boutique is actually a fashion boutique called Cricket…in Liverpool.  They stock all the latest designer fashion and are known for their sought after, animal print carrier bags…as you can see, I’m still learning…and today I learned I sooo need one of those carrier bags!



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2 Responses to I thought she was a Football WAG not a Cricket WAG

  1. Luvlyy Laydee says:

    me and my cuz went into cricket liverpool the other week and its awesome!

  2. louise holden says:

    me and my sis love cricket all the things are nice.

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