Cupcakes and body cream

I know we are supposed to be the fairer sex and all but recent events involving my hubbie make me think that although fairer we are the ones who were given the gift of common sense….or maybe my husband was away the day they were handing out common sense…he was probably off in the corner reading the Financial Times.  Anyway I have three examples that might help you understand where I am coming from


1)    We were staying in a hotel and hubbie went to have a shower.  He hopped in the shower before I had time to unpack out my travel shampoo and conditioner so he used the hotel stuff.  When I got in the shower I started unpacking my various toiletries and looked down noticing that there was only a bar of soap and the bottle of hotel body cream in the shower.  I ran out and asked if the hubbie had used the cream instead of shampoo….he looked at me blankly and said…”I thought it wasn’t lathering like shampoo”…best part, he didn’t’ even re-shower to get the body cream out of his hair, I think he enjoyed sporting the greaser look that day.


2)    Hubbie was complaining that his socks were a bit crunchy when they come out of the wash (because we don’t use a dryer so they don’t’ get all fluffy like they do at home…not cause they aren’t clean).  I promptly went out and bought some fabric softener to remedy his sock issue.  I came home the other night to find that he had washed a bunch of his shirts (aaaw bless) and was hanging them up to dry.  I started helping hang them when I realised the fabric softener was out, I said “oh good you used the fabric softener on these”…he said “oh,I thought that was soap“. He has done the laundry quite a few times and has used the proper soap and the fabric softener package, nor the actual liquid looks anything like laundry soap…no wonder the shirts felt a bit glossy and soft….unlike his hair incident I did insist on re-washing the shirts.



3)    Finally (okay not finally I just can’t think of anymore right at this instant but there are more) this weekend was a baby shower for a friend of mine.  I volunteered to make cupcakes (mainly cause I love them and haven’t had them in ages).  I made my first batch using a mix I found in the grocery store but ended up throwing them out cause they were dry and gross.  I then found a new mix and made them except the cupcake (or fairycakes as they call them here) paper holder things were super small (probably to cater to those fairies).  Stressing about this I still made them but doubled the batch so everyone could get enough .  Anyway these ones still didn’t taste like the ones from home but I painstakingly decorated them so they all spelled Baby when you laid them out.  I stuck them in Tupperware and was done with them.  I had to go out before the shower but the hubbie was meeting up with me to bring the baby present and the cupcakes….he shows up with the cupcakes in the bag with the present….the cupcake containers on their SIDE…icing and remnants of the word Baby stuck to the top of the Tupperware.  His explanation…”you should have told me how to hold the cupcakes I didn’t’ know they would tip over”….right, he can figure out how to hold a beer, hamburger or kebab right side up but a tupperware container…blah, I give up.



     (secretly I wasn’t that mad as they tasted like crap and this was a way better story than “the cupcake mix here is crap” but I neglected to mention that to him).



Give me a minute…there are more…

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One Response to Cupcakes and body cream

  1. sylvia says:

    No joke, I would have lost it! How do you not know which way to hold the tupperware?! lord give us women strength!

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