As Canadian as…

We are heading back home to Canada at the end of the week and I am quite excited…not only for some new blog material but to see the family and friends…so far we have a birthday, wedding, stag & doe, stagette, parents anniversary, family BBQ and three new babies to meet so needless to say we will be fairly busy.  On top of that we need to go to our favourite restaurants which include a wing restaurant, steak restaurant and rotisserie chicken restaurant and of course stopping by Tim Hortons for a coffee (it’s mandatory or they won’t renew our passport).

For those of you non Canadians reading this blog, Tim Hortons is a coffee chain similar to (but waaaay better than) the American chain called Dunkin Donuts and is known across the country for their filter coffee…to put it in perspective if you were to drive from Toronto to Ottawa (5 hour 55 minute drive) you would encounter 87 Tim Hortons locations (thanks to this handy Tim Hortons finder on their website). 

On a side note I tried to get it to calculate a route entirely across Canada to see how many you could encounter but the stupid mapping software takes you through the USA...there aren’t any Tim Horton’s in the USA, great tool guys, thanks.



Tim Hortons is also synonymous with the Canadian phrase ‘double double’…meaning double cream double sugar (in your coffee) If you ever find yourself in Canada, rock into one of the numerous Tim Hortons locations and order a medium double double and you will have just written your ticket to Canadian-hood, not long after uttering this Canadian phrase your Canadian passport will arrive along with your plaid shirt and keys to your brand new igloo…it doesn’t get much more Canadian than Tim Hortons. 
PS Tim Horton was a hockey player…told ya it didn’t get more Canadian than that.
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3 Responses to As Canadian as…

  1. Anonymous says:

    No double doubles for me except in the waist from eating the long john donuts! Aunty L.

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