Scan as you shop

For some reason I have always loved playing with cash registers and barcode scanners.  When I first started working I just loved using the cash register and after having to get a job that didn’t do cash transactions I signed up to be one of the shoppers for AC Neilson (marketing research company) and had to scan all the groceries we bought each week then transmit the data back to them to then sell on to all the companies wanting to understand buying habits…you’d I did this because I wanted to help out the company build up their consumer databases or for the free stuff we got  for it but it was really because I got to barcode scan all of our groceries!! 


Unsurprisingly I am also the one that insists on going to the self check outs in the grocery store even if the line is shorter in the full service lines cause it’s just so fun to be able to scan your own stuff!!  Don’t even get me started on our wedding registry…there was NO chance the hubbie would be in charge of scanning.


Anyway I was in Waitrose yesterday and saw a wall of handheld scanners by their customer service desk…of course I went over to see why and it turns out that in some of their stores they have this ‘quick check’ programme whereby you scan the items you are going to purchase.  They then suggest you bring your reusable bags and pack everything in them right in your grocery carts so when you are finished shopping all your groceries are packed away and all your purchases tracked so you just have to hand in the scanner and pay for the items you scanned.




I do wonder why they have set this ‘quick check’ thing up it does mean they must have a lot of trust in their customers that they won’t rock up to the cash with piles of unscanned caviar at the bottom of their reusable bags.  I do see that it is pushing the ecological bit as they are encouraging you to bring your own bags to pack your stuff in which is good but otherwise it seems to be an idea thought up by someone like me at Waitrose head office who has a scanning obsession..  Waitrose claims that it is much faster and saves you time…sure faster but way more fun-er.  Whatever the reason my love for Waitrose continues and you can be sure that next time I am there I will be scanning like the proper mad woman I am…long live Waitrose.

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