Note to self…

I saw this story and couldn’t help but comment as I really thought that the ‘don’t pee on a railway track cause you might get electrocuted’ was an old wives tale just like if you swallow chewing gum it will stay in your body for 7 years or touching frogs give you warts…apparently it is true as this guy found out. 


This man went to find a discreet location to urinate at Vauxhall train station in London.  His chosen location was too close to the tracks and he urinated on a live track which electrocuted him and killed him. (I can think of better ways to go than electrocution via urination in a busy train station).


Being married to a man who has a terribly small bladder and after a few pints will pee just about anywhere (ask our bathroom floor or any side street on the way to our house) makes me sort of glad that I read this story as you never know,  a few too many pints after work one night and he could have been that guy. However I am pretty sure that if that was the case, I would make up a way more spectacular cause of his death…something about a heroic rescue involving the crown jewels, a hot cup of tea, some Buckingham Palace Guards, MI5 and the Queen.


(he doesn’t read my blog which means I have full rights to tell stories about him)

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